A Hungarian bank is taken over by a foreign company


Trive Financial Holding, based in the Netherlands, has acquired Sopron Bank, which will now serve its customers under the name Trive Bank Hungary Zrt., the financial company group announced in a statement sent to MTI on Tuesday.

They announced that the bank will offer consumer loans completely digitally, and later it will also offer fixed deposits and current accounts to its customers; they provide a “digital experience” for those looking for a quick solution to their financial needs.

According to the announcement, Engin Cubukcu, CEO and President of Trive Financial Holding, said that thanks to the transaction, banking activities will be integrated alongside their investment and credit services. The acquisition enables them to expand their geographical scope to Hungary; their goal is to make Trive Bank a modern high-tech bank, he added.

Sopron Bank was a regional bank in western Hungary with a 20-year history in Hungary.

Trive Financial Holding is a group of financial companies offering global investment and lending products with cutting-edge technologies and venture capital investments focused on FinTech companies; its subsidiaries are spread all over the world from the United States to Europe, Africa and Australia, the announcement reads.

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