Mild changes will occur in weather conditions this week


The weather will be changeable, windy at times, but basically mild during the week, peak temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius may occur in several places and there may also be light rains and showers. At the beginning of the week, the sun may still shine in many places, but at the end of the week it is more likely to be cloudy and the night frosts will disappear – according to the national, medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Monday, clouds from a warm front will move from west to east, which means that the sky will be mostly moderately to heavily cloudy in the first half of the day, but it may also be overcast at times. There may be rain in places, mainly in the north and northwest. In the afternoon, first in the Transdanubia, and later further east, the cloudiness decreases and thins, at which point there can only be scattered precipitation. The west, south-west wind gets stronger at times. The highest daytime temperature is usually between 10 and 16 degrees, but in the northeast and across the Tiszántúl it can also be 8 or 9 degrees.

On Tuesday, the sky will be mostly clear in the southwestern parts, while moving towards the northeast, cloud transitions are expected, usually with several hours of sunshine. There will be no significant precipitation. The west and north-west wind is strengthening in many places. We can expect minus 1, plus 7 in the morning, 11 and 17 degrees in the early afternoon.

There may be patches of mist and fog in the early hours of Wednesday. During the day, it is likely to be very cloudy in the northeastern third of the country, while in the southwest the sky will be mostly clear at first, and then the veil clouds will increase from the west. Smaller rain and showers may occur in the northeastern third. Air movement will be mostly weak or moderate. The air warms up from minus 1 and plus 5 degrees in the morning to between 8 and 15 degrees.

On Thursday, it is likely to be very cloudy, but in the southeastern part of the country, the cloudiness may be more intermittent. Scattered rain and showers may occur, mainly in Transdanubia. The east wind is accompanied by strong gusts in several places. The minimum temperature is usually between minus 2 and plus 5 degrees, the peak value is likely between 7 and 14 degrees.

On Friday, very cloudy weather is to be expected, and rain and showers may occur sporadically. The south and southwest wind will pick up in several places. The temperature may rise from 0, plus 7 degrees in the morning to between 7 and 16 degrees, the weather will be cooler in the northeast.

Very cloudy weather is likely on Saturday. Sporadic rain and showers may occur. The southwest wind is lively in many places and may be accompanied by strong gusts in some places. The minimum temperature is likely between 1 and 6, and the maximum between 9 and 16 degrees, higher values can be measured in the southwest.

On Sunday, the sky will be moderate to heavily cloudy. Scattered rain and showers may occur. Winds turning southwest, south, and then northwest may be accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. Minus 1, plus 6 in the morning, 6 in the early afternoon, 16 degrees are likely, it will be colder in the northern and northwestern parts, while the weather will be milder in the southeast.




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