There will be a spectacular planetary conjunction next week


The conjunction of three celestial bodies: Venus, Jupiter and the Moon can be observed in the sky on February 22 after dusk.

According to the announcement of the Svábhegyi Csillagvizsgáló on Tuesday, around six o’clock in the evening, we can enjoy a particularly aesthetic triple conjunction: the wide two-day, thin crescent moon will be joined by the brilliant Evening Star from below, and bright Jupiter from above.

According to the announcement, you don’t need any aids to observe celestial bodies, it’s enough to look above the unobstructed western horizon.

As it was written, before this, on February 21 at 6:05 p.m., the celestial trinity can already be observed, but in a different configuration: Venus will shine above the hair-thin crescent moon, barely a day and a half old, and Jupiter will be visible above it.

According to the announcement, on the 22nd, Venus, the Morning Star, will be nearly twenty times brighter than the brightest star in the sky, Sirius (after the Sun, of course). In addition, Jupiter still dominates the evening sky with a decisive brightness after its approach to Earth last fall.

You can read a detailed blog post about the alignment of celestial bodies and its observation on the news blog page of the Svábhegyi Csillagvizsgáló Univerzum.



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