In one week, 830 people caught the coronavirus in Hungary


The number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus is 6,421,732, of which 6,208,908 have received their second, 3,904,788 their third, and 423,608 have already received their fourth vaccination, the Corona Virus Press Center announced last week’s aggregated data on Wednesday.

In the announcement sent to MTI, it was written: 830 new infected people were confirmed in the previous week, thus increasing the total number of identified infected people to 2,194,102 since the beginning of the epidemic.

31, mostly elderly, chronic patients died last week, bringing the number of deaths to 48,738. The number of those who have recovered is constantly increasing, currently 2,141,720, and the number of active infected has decreased to 3,644.

They also said that 325 coronavirus patients are currently being treated in hospital, 6 of them are on ventilators.

According to the announcement, the epidemic is currently moderate in Hungary, which is also due to the high level of vaccination. The virus continues to pose the greatest threat to the unvaccinated, which is why they are still being asked to get vaccinated.

Taking the booster vaccination is recommended for everyone who received the previous vaccination more than 4 months ago, the announcement states.

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