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Following our previous post in which we acquainted you with famous people of Hungarian origin, we thought to also garner a list of well-known Hungarian brands that traveled the world and became strong household names. How many of them have you tried already?

Pick salami

The ultimate delicacy for meat lovers, Pick salami tops every list of best international meat products. This unique Hungaricum has been produced in Szeged, Hungary’s third largest city, since 1869 and is made and spiced according to a secret Jewish recipe. It is the perfect travel gift to surprise your family with when you visit Hungary.

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Zsolnay porcelain

Adorning the finest restaurants and the most elegant mansions, the luxurious Zsolnay porcelain is one of the most acclaimed manufacturer in the world. The factory was established by Miklós Zsolnay in the 1850s in Hungary. The delicate pieces are characterized by Persian, Art Nouveau or Hungarian motifs. If you are looking for a timeless and unique gift for one of your loved ones, Zsolnay porcelain is an excellent choice.

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Prezi software

This genius video and visual communications software that uses motion, zoom and spatial relationships has been making students’ and professionals’ lives easier since 2009. The Hungarian founders Ádám Somlai-Fischer, Péter Halacsy, and Péter Árvai received the first major investment for their groundbreaking project from TED Talks. Do you also have it installed on your computer?

Source: FB @prezicom

Törley champagne

What could be a more classy way to ring in the New Year than sipping on a glass of chilled Törley champagne? This leading Hungarian sparkling wine was founded by József Törley in 1882. The brand went through some ups and down during the Communist era when it was ordered to be nationalized by the leading party. Today, the privately owned Törley champagne is the highlight of every sophisticated event and gathering.

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Tisza shoes

One thing is certain, there is no Hungarian teenager who has never dreamed of owning a pair of Tisza shoes. The epic brand already existed during the Communist years, as the first models were displayed in shop windows in 1942.

Source: @tiszacipo

Zwack Unicum

This delicious herbal liqueur is everyone’s favorite both in Hungary and beyond borders. The story of this Hungarian spirit dates back to 1790 when Habsburg ruler Joseph II was regularly suffering from an upset stomach. His royal physician, József Zwack whipped up a magical healing potion, which the emperor simply described as unique upon drinking it – hence the name of liqueur.

Source: FB @UnicumMagyarorszag

Rubik’s cube

We are almost certain that you must have played with this colorful 3-D combination puzzle at least once in your lifetime. The invention is linked to Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture. Once you pick it up, it is nearly impossible to put it down!

Source: canva.com

Tokaji wine

True wine lovers praise this distinctive style in every corner of the world. This legendary dessert wine has made it to the wine lists of the most acclaimed international restaurants for a good reason. The award-winning style comes from the Tokaj region, in northeastern Hungary.

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