Meteorology: the precipitation during the past few days can cause floods in Hungary


Floods can be caused by a large amount of precipitation falling in the coming days, the water levels on Bodrog, for example, may rise close to the level of second-degree flood protection preparedness – warned the National Meteorological Service.

They wrote that it is already raining in Southern Transdanubia and some parts of the Southern Great Plain, and the precipitation zone is gradually moving in a northeasterly direction. At night, thunderstorms can also form in the southern and southeastern regions.

They added in the next five days, the most rain is expected in the northeastern and eastern third of the country, and the amount of precipitation will “very likely” exceed 20 millimeters. According to the infographic prepared for the post, from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, 44 millimeters of precipitation is expected in Debrecen, 40 millimeters in Lake Tisza, 39 in Szeged, 37 in Miskolc, and 36 in Nyíregyháza.

“Because of this, the rivers in the northeast of our country may flood, according to the information of the National Directorate General of Water Affairs, in the next six days the water levels on the Sajó, Tarná and Zagyva are expected to exceed the first-degree flood protection preparedness level, and on the Bodrog to rise close to the second-degree flood protection preparedness level,”

–  they wrote.

Meteorology: in a large area, double the amount of monthly rainfall has already fallen in the last ten days

In a large area of the country, double the amount of precipitation in January fell in the last ten days, the National Meteorological Service wrote on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

It was announced that the air vortex that arrived on Tuesday and is still over the country brought heavy rain, as a result of which, in addition to rain and showers, thunderstorms also formed.

Most of the rain fell in Southern Transdanubia and in the Balaton-Budapest axis. According to the infographic created for the post, 31 millimeters of rain fell in Babócsa in Somogy county in 24 hours, and 30.8 millimeters were measured in the village of Nemeskisfalud. They added that the 28 millimeters of rain that fell in the capital – measured in Budapest-Pestszentlőrinc – will probably be a new daily record.

The wind strengthened over a large area, mainly in the Great Plain, and stormy gusts also occurred in some places, they noted.

They also reported that looking at the amount of precipitation that has fallen in the last ten days, the monthly average for January has already fallen in most parts of the country, but in a south-west-northeast band, twice as much has fallen at the same time.

According to the infographic, it is not uncommon for the amount of precipitation to approach or exceed 70 millimeters in ten days in the southwest-northeast zone.



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