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Chamomile tea was recalled by Penny


Filtered chamomile tea was recalled from the market by Penny-Market Kft., because some compounds (pyrrolizidine alkaloids and chlorpyrifos pesticide) exceeded the maximum permissible value in several batches of the product – the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) informed MTI.

The product recall only applies to tea lot numbers LOT: 22/143N, L:22/216R, L:22/231R, L:22/237R.

Nébih asks customers not to consume the product matching these identification data.

The affected products will be taken back at the place of purchase, and the purchase price will be refunded even without a receipt.

For example, pyrrolizidine alkaloids can come from weeds and wild plants that spread among the tea plants, which can be mixed with the tea plants as a pollutant when harvesting the raw materials for teas and herbal teas. Long-term consumption of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food and feed can lead to liver damage. Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide active ingredient that was previously used to control insect pests and to treat stored grain and empty warehouses. Its license was not renewed by the European Commission in 2020, so its use is not allowed in the European Union. The legally defined maximum residue level in food has been reduced to the lowest level that can be measured by analytical laboratories – read the information on the Nébih website.


Photo: Yvette Frank

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