The year ends with mild weather, up to 17 degrees


The year ends with mild weather, on New Year’s Day, in some places they can measure up to plus 17 degrees Celsius, but slightly cooler weather is expected in the northeast. On the first weekend of the new year, the weather will be foggy and overcast in many places, but significant precipitation is unlikely – according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Friday, it will be very cloudy, and the sky will be overcast in the eastern and northeastern regions, then in the afternoon the clouds will decrease in the western regions and the sun may shine for a few hours. Sporadic rain and showers may occur, mainly in the southeastern half of the country, while the chance of precipitation is small in the northwest. The southwest wind can be accompanied by strong gusts in the south and southeast regions, and then the wind turns to the northwest in an increasingly large area. The highest daytime temperature is between 3 and 7 degrees in the north and northeast, and between 8 and 12 degrees in the southern regions.

On Saturday, New Year’s Day, the northern and northeastern third of the country is expected to be overcast, humid, and foggy in some places, while elsewhere you can expect more or less sunshine. In the morning, mainly to the east of the Danube, rain, and showers may occur in some places, but during the day only drizzle is likely in some places. The south and south-westerly winds will pick up in several places in Transdanubia, and sometimes strong gusts may occur. The minimum temperature is between 0 and plus 8, the maximum is usually between 10 and 17, and in the more permanently overcast, humid regions of the northeast it is between 4 and 9 degrees.

On Sunday, New Year’s Eve, temperatures between plus 1 and 9 degrees are expected, and then the air will warm up between 11 and 17 degrees, but in the permanently overcast northeastern landscapes, peak values several degrees lower are likely. In the northern and northeastern third of the country, overcast, humid, and foggy weather should be expected for a longer period of time, in other places, several hours of filtered sunshine are likely in addition to veil clouds. Significant precipitation is not expected, but drizzle may occur in places. The south and south-westerly winds will pick up in several places, and there may be strong gusts in Transdanubia.



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