End-of-the-year and new-year traffic schedule at the MÁV-Volán group


Due to the expected higher passenger traffic on New Year’s Eve and New Year, the MÁV-Volán group advises those traveling on MÁV-Start, Volánbusz and MÁV-HÉV services to buy their tickets in advance or online, Mávinform told MTI on Friday.

According to the announcement, the railway traffic schedule will not change compared to the calendar day at the end of the year, on New Year’s Eve, and at the beginning of next year, i.e. on Friday the 30th, Saturday on the 31st, Sunday on New Year’s Day, and from January 2, they will run according to the usual working day schedule.

Until January 2, on frequented days, InterCity trains on the Budapest-Miskolc-Nyíregyháza-Debrecen-Budapest, Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony, Budapest-Szolnok-Békéscsaba, Budapest-Pécs line, and on the South Balaton line Balaton and Tópart ICs, the InterCity between Budapest-Győr-Sopron and Szombathely, as well as the Göcsej and Bakony InterCity to Zalaegerszeg and Szombathely will operate with more cars if necessary “depending on passenger traffic and the possibilities”, they wrote.

In the communique, they mentioned that children, families, students, student and adult groups, and pensioners can also use the standard discount system. Those under the age of 26 who are no longer studying can use the 33 percent weekend discount until midnight on January 1.

The Volánbusz services depart according to the schedule corresponding to the holiday on December 31, New Year’s Day, and on January 1, New Year’s Day, the holiday preceding the first school holiday of the week.

January 2-6 bus services depart according to the timetable valid for the working days of the school break. January 7th is a day off, and January 8th is the day off before the first teaching and working day of the week. On January 9, Monday, the buses announced for the first work and school day of the week will leave – they wrote.

In some settlements, local flights may run differently from the general traffic schedule – they pointed out.

Regarding the HÉV services, it was written that the night from December 31st to January 1st is guaranteed on all HÉV lines.

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