Firefighters worked at 368 locations during Christmas in Hungary


During the three days of the Christmas holiday, the intervention of firefighters was required in 368 places, one person died in a house fire and two died of carbon monoxide poisoning, the spokesperson of the National Directorate General of Disaster Management told MTI on Tuesday.

During the holidays, the fire department was called in 99 cases of fire, 269 cases of accidents requiring technical rescue, and 70 apartment fires, Dániel Mukics wrote in his statement.

According to his statement, on Monday, the work of firefighters was needed at 106 locations.

In the morning, a fire broke out in the living room of an 80-square-meter residential building in Kunmadara, and the ceiling of the building also broke. Firefighters found a body while extinguishing the fire.

Two people died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Egyházasgergé, Nógrád County, and the bodies were found by rescuers on Monday evening. In the family house on Fő úti, the firefighters detected the presence of a high concentration of toxic gas. The carbon monoxide was presumably caused by a failure of the mixed-fuel boiler operating in the basement of the building.

In the morning in Budapest, an XVIII. a gas boiler exploded in a family house in the district. A ten square meter piece fell from the support wall of the building, four people were rescued by the firemen through the balcony. The building became uninhabitable, and the local government took care of housing the people living there.

A fire broke out in a weekend house in Hódmezővásárhely, and the building became uninhabitable.

In the afternoon, an emergency call was received from around the Karancs lookout in Salgótarján, because a tourist had injured his knee and could not come down. After an hour’s search, the firefighters found him, escorted him down, and handed him over to the rescuers.

The disaster management received nearly 200 emergency calls on the 24th

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