The weather will be cool and rainy this week


At the beginning of the week, the weather turns wetter again and the wind gets stronger, the temperature in the hottest hours is between 14-20 degrees. In the second half of the week, in addition to periodic breaks, the sky will be mostly very cloudy, and showers and thunderstorms may also occur, but the peak temperature will then be between 15 and 24 degrees – according to the national, medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service, which was delivered on Sunday to the to MTI.

On Monday, the sky will usually be very cloudy or overcast, with the greatest chance of temporary splits and thinning in the northwestern areas. The center of gravity of the precipitation zone shifts to the east, and initially more and then less rain, showers, and thunderstorms are expected. After the temporary break in precipitation, another precipitation zone will arrive from the south in the evening, and precipitation sources may drift over the western and southwestern counties. In Transdanubia, the wind turns to the northwest, while elsewhere, the variable direction wind may pick up. The highest daytime temperature is between 14 and 20 degrees.

On Tuesday, we can expect mainly cloudy weather in addition to periodic thinning and splitting, and rain, showers, and thunderstorms are expected in many places. Vibrant, sometimes strong gusts may accompany the southwest wind, and then the northwest wind in Transdanubia. The temperature varies between 6 and 14 degrees in the morning and 15 and 21 degrees in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, the clouds will break up in more and more places, the clouds will decrease, longer or shorter periods of sunshine can be expected in most of Hungary, and then from the second half of the day, thicker and larger cloud blocks may arrive again from the west. At first, scattered precipitation is more likely east of the Danube, in the second half of the day, scattered rain, showers, and thunderstorms will occur mainly in Transdanubia. The northwest and then southwest winds are sometimes accompanied by strong gusts. The minimum temperature is expected to be between 3 and 12 degrees, and the maximum is between 14 and 20 degrees.

Primarily cloudy weather is expected on Thursday as well, with periodic thinnings and breaks. Rain, showers, and thunderstorms may occur in several places. Patches of fog may form in the morning. East winds will be light to moderate. In the coldest hours, values ​​between 3 and 12 degrees are likely, in the afternoon you can expect 14, or 20 degrees.

On Friday as well, you can expect mostly cloudy weather, with occasional thinnings and breaks. Rain, showers, and thunderstorms may occur in several places. In the south, southeast, and in Western Transdanubia, the northwest wind is accompanied by strong gusts. By dawn, the air will cool down between 4 and 12 degrees. The peak value is likely around 14 degrees in the northwest and 24 degrees in the southeast.

On Saturday, it is expected to be mostly cloudy with periodic thinning and breaking up. Rain, showers, and thunderstorms may occur in several places. The south and the southwest wind are brisk, accompanied by strong gusts in many places. The lowest night temperature is expected to be between 6 and 14 degrees, the maximum value between 15 and 24 degrees, we can expect cooler weather in the northwest and milder weather in the southeast.

On Sunday, it is generally likely to be moderate to heavily cloudy. Sporadic rain, showers, and sometimes thunderstorms may occur. The west and the northwest wind is strengthening in many places. The temperature rises from 4.12 degrees in the morning to between 13 and 21 degrees.

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