Many People are Asking for the Start of Heating in Big Cities


Heating of buildings with district heating began on Friday in Miskolc as well. Among the cities with county rights, the service started in Tatabánya on Wednesday and in Szombathely on Thursday. In Salgótarján, district heating has already been switched on for the vast majority of residential consumers by special request, this can be requested one month before the start of the official heating season, from September 15th.


The communications department of the Miskolc municipality told MTI: the Miskolc Hőszolgáltató Kft. justifies the start of the district heating system with the permanent cooling, it is expected that the radiators in the city will be warm by Friday evening.

In Miskolc, the heating starts automatically in all the apartment buildings concerned, if the outside temperature justifies it, and the subsequent regulation is also automatic. If an apartment building still does not require the service, or if it uses a heating schedule or time program that differs from the practice of previous years, you can request it through the joint representative. In the case of other consumers and separately managed institutions, the heating is not started automatically, in these the service is started upon a written signal from the consumer’s representative – they explained, adding: if they want to reduce the heating temperature somewhere for energy saving purposes, or reduce the heating at night and at the weekend according to a time program (possibly tempering heating), then it is advisable to indicate this at the same time as ordering the heating service.

The vast majority of residential consumers in Salgótarján have already switched on district heating at their request – István Kaszás, technical director of Salgó Vagyon Kft., informed MTI. He said: last weekend, from the 16th, only four buildings were heated, but as of Monday, almost all buildings required the service. The heat center ensures weather-dependent regulation and will not heat if the temperature outside rises, he said.

So far, 6,500 apartments and 45 commercial consumers in Nyíregyháza have requested to switch on the district heating – said László Joó, managing director of Nyírtávhő Kft.

District heating started in Tatabánya on Wednesday. According to T-Szol, the heating control follows the change in the outside temperature, so the service stops in good weather and restarts in the evening. Here, residents can control the temperature in 15 percent of the 22,000 households with district heating.

Half of the residential communities in Eger have so far requested to turn on the district heating service. The official of EVAT Zrt. in Eger said: there are half a hundred residential blocks with district heating in the city, and since September 15th, half of them have requested the heating to be started. If the weather warms up, the residential community must also request a shutdown through their representative.

About ten thousand apartments in Debrecen are already heated at the request of the residents – the general manager of the local heating service company told MTI. Balázs Arday said that 33,000 apartments in the city have district heating, a third of the total housing stock. Last week, 35 percent of residential communities requested the heating to be turned on, which affects about ten thousand apartments. In Debrecen, the district heating service is based on a gas-based power plant, so in order to reduce costs, when the weather is better, the heating that has already been started is immediately stopped at the request of the residential communities.

In Kecskemét, Termostar Kft., which supplies 40,000 consumers, will gradually start district heating again this year. Managing director Attila Horváth said: based on the cooling down at night and the requests of residential communities, heating was started for residential consumers in the middle of the week. The central automation controls the system according to the outside temperature. In modernized heating apartments – in 70 percent of district-heated apartments – the temperature can be adjusted according to individual needs or even the heating can be turned off. As a result of the comprehensive development, around 70 percent of the natural gas used for heat production will be replaced with renewable energy. The new heating system will be available from the next heating season.

The establishment of the district heating service in Baja allows the institutions and condominiums to decide for themselves when they require heating, so the service can be used even in the summer, said Lajos Búcsú, the municipality’s communications officer. Baja Energetika Kft. always starts the heating immediately if institutions or condominium communities request it, as was the case in recent days, he added.

So far, no district heating institution in Székesfehérvár has requested to turn on the service.

In Veszprém, almost fifty buildings are already heated on request, including a nursery school and a kindergarten – Veszprémi Közüzemi Szolgáltató Zrt. informed MTI.

In Dunaújváros, according to the municipality, there was already heating in the nurseries and kindergartens on Wednesday, because the heads of the institutions and the parents requested this from the city administration.

In Szombathely, the gradual heating of district heating apartments began on Thursday – said Miklós Molnár, managing director of Szombathelyi Távhőszolgáltató Kft. According to his information, they provide services in 11,500 apartments, 70 institutions and 350 other places. According to their rules, institutions must indicate if they request district heating, but the public must contact the service provider if they do not request it for the time being.

In Kaposvár, the start of the district heating service has so far been requested in the case of one or two residential properties, as well as nurseries and kindergartens – said Zsolt Szaka, CEO of the Kaposvár Municipality Asset Management and Services Ltd.

In Pécs, 97 percent of the residential communities and condominiums have a contract that entrusts the start-up of the heating centers to the district heating provider – said Rózsa Rozsos, the company and customer relations manager of PÉTÁV Pécsi Távfőtő Kft. He added: the weather has not yet justified the start of the service, and so far the number of buildings whose owners have requested heating is negligible.



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