Four Cars Collided on Szoboszlói Road


Four cars collided on Szoboszlói road in Debrecen on Thursday morning, and professional firefighters in Debrecen inspected and de-energized the vehicles, the county disaster management reported.


Lieutenant Firefighter Nóra Papp-Kunkli also reported on other events from the county.

The lawn burned in Pocsaj, Ady Endre street, on six hundred square meters. The firefighters of the municipality of Létavértes and the professional firefighters of Berettyóújfalu extinguished the fire with a water jet and hand tools.

In the afternoon, a fire broke out in Hajdúsámson, Jókai street. The dry grass burned on five hectares in a large area between the houses. Professional firefighters from Debrecen and Nyíradony marched to the scene, extinguishing the flames with a jet of water and hand tools.

In Hajdúszoboszló, in Hőforrás street, a van and a car collided. Professional firefighters marched to the scene in, inspecting the vehicles and performing a power outage.


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