Heavy Thunderstorms, Hail, Rainfalls May Arrive Today


In the morning, the sky will be mostly cloudy, with the exception of the north-eastern part of the country.


In Transdanubia, the north-west wind can pick up in many places, strong wind gusts are also expected in the north-west.

In the afternoon, more and more showers and thunderstorms may occur, a thunderstorm system may also arrive bringing storms, 1-2 cm of small-grained ice and rain. After the system, thunderstorms may still occur in the Great Plain and in the southwest. The north-west wind can be accompanied by strong wind in many places in Transdanubia, and we can expect stormy gusts of wind in the north-west and in the immediate vicinity of thunderstorms. The highest temperatures can be around +17 and +25 ° C.

By the evening, the atmosphere is gradually stabilizing, showers and thunderstorms are disappearing. The night before Wednesday will be partly cloudy in most parts of the country, with fewer clouds in the east and northeast. At dawn the temperature can drop around +7 and +15 ° C.



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