The Hungarian Gripen was alerted again by a bomb threat


The Hungarian Armed Forces’ air defense readiness Gripen was alerted early Monday evening due to a bomb threat to a civilian plane flying from Belgrade to St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Defense said.

According to the announcement, the plane received a bomb threat over Polish airspace, so it was turned back from there to Belgrade. For this reason, the NATO Joint Air Operations Center ordered the take-off of the Hungarian Gripen.

The plane with the Serbian insignia was identified by the fighter jets upon arrival in the Hungarian airspace, and then it was escorted to the Hungarian-Serbian border, where it left the Hungarian airspace, the Ministry of Defense informed.

After that, the Gripens remained in the border area and carried out patrols, and after the landing of the civilian plane, they returned to the base in Kecskemét, they wrote.

The Gripen of the Hungarian army was alerted again

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