Péter Márki-Zay is threatened with an ax and a bear from Transylvania


During his tour of Transylvania, Péter Márki-Zay, the winner of the opposition pre-election, would also meet the mayor of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

Árpád Gálfi, the mayor of Odorheiu Secuiesc, asked the residents of the city to give their opinion in a Facebook comment: whether to officially receive Péter Márki-Zay or not.

According to Transindex, Gálfi wrote that he had a personal opinion about the quoted opposition alliance and those who were able to unite with Ferenc Gyurcsány. He also adds that

he himself considers the Fidesz government to be the city’s “credible partner” and that he personally does not want to take part in the campaign of an opponent of the city’s supporters.

At the same time, he understands that he was not written as a private person and that, as mayor, he must represent not his own beliefs but those of the townspeople. That’s why he decided to ask the public on his Facebook page whether he would accept Márki-Zay or not. The post was later canceled by the mayor.

One of the leaders of the Association for Transylvanian Media Space Archives, supported by the Hungarian government with several billion forints, told Viktor Orbán’s future challenger:

You would come for our vote, wouldn’t you? But then you are the same as the others! Why didn’t you come earlier, Peter? Just the campaign, huh? But then do we need this, Péter, that is, personally, we Hungarians from Székely Land? You haven’t been curious about us so far, do you have a guarantee that we don’t just need pre-election elections? So how do we stand, Peter? Because it is not sacred to you or to Gyurcsány, your main ally

– can be read in the writing of László Szőke.

The article on the Székelyhon portal continues as follows:

Come, Peter! Because our questions, well, they are. For example, the fact that we have been Romanians so far, your partner and supporter, according to Gyurcsány, are direct members of the 23 million Romanians. Thus. It was also advertised on billboards, don’t you remember, Peter? Then how did we suddenly become Hungarians, Péter? So, get into the sudden present after you win some preselection or what. Come, Peter, at least you suddenly discover how one million “Romanians” become Hungarians. Transylvanian Hungarian or what.

Then physical violence comes into play, if in disguise:

With regard to bears, the ax is close to us these days, but lest you take that as a threat, it’s not, so we’ll protect you if you ever meet a bear and recognize that it’s something, it’s a bear. A big stinky bear.

According to the Transylvanian Fidesz publicist, Márki-Zay may receive questions he does not like. But just come:

It will hurt, Peter, it will hurt. But come! We’ll get away with you somehow, like the bear. It also used to be a one-time meeting. They say…

– can be read in the article of Viktor Orbán’s foreign believer.



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