Szlávik: the number of hospitalized people is constantly growing, but there are fewer numbers than last year


The number of hospitalized people due to coronavirus infection is constantly rising, but there are fewer than in the same period last year, said the chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of South Pest Central Hospital on the M1 current channel on Tuesday morning.

János Szlávik said that the delta variant of the coronavirus is much more contagious than the previous versions, so it is difficult to predict how the epidemic will develop. He assumes the fourth wave could reach its peak by November or December.

He stressed that now the vaccine is also important because whoever received it is much less likely to pass on the infection. In addition, vaccination – in 80 to 90 percent – can prevent the serious course of the disease, he added.

When asked whether it would be necessary to introduce new precautionary measures in Hungary, he replied, “it is quite certain that something needs to be done”. He went on to say, based on epidemiological data, if the pandemic gets worse, something needs to be done, as has been done in several other countries in Europe.



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