Covid-19: 44 Patients Died and 1,701 New Infections Were Found in Hungary


Forty-four patients died, and another 1,701 new infections were found in Hungary, ​​reported on Tuesday (26th October).


So far 5,941,073 people have been vaccinated in Hungary, 5,721,531 of them have received the second dose and 1,120,120,000 have already received the third dose of the vaccine. The portal wrote: the number of infected people identified in Hungary increased to 852,214. 30,611 people died and the number of people recovered rose to 795,828. The number of active infections is 25,775. Hospitals have 1,685 patients with coronavirus, 197 of whom are on ventilators. There are 16,742 people in official home quarantine, the number of samples is 7,301,452.

As it has been written, new diseases are caused by the delta variant, the most at risk are the unvaccinated, so they are asked to register and take the vaccine as soon as possible.

They added that less than one percent of vaccinees get sick, and the course of the disease is usually much easier. The majority of the Hungarian population has registered for the vaccination and those who have not yet taken it can still do so on the website

After registration, it is possible to book an appointment at the GP and on the Internet at

In the appointment book, all those who have a valid registration can book an appointment for the first, missed second and third vaccinations, too.

According to the map of the site, most people have been registered so far in Budapest (153,714) and Pest County (118,633). This is followed by Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (50,224), Győr-Moson-Sopron (46,006) and Hajdú-Bihar county (44,862). The county least affected by the infection is still Tolna, with 18,221 infected.



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