Video: father and son attacked the police, they were convicted in Debrecen


The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office is investigating two men who violently obstructed the proceedings of lawfully acting police officers for the crime of violence against an official.

According to the available data, on the evening of October 16, 2021, the police took action in a pub in a settlement in Borsod. During the measure, a young man was escorted handcuffed from the nightclub for production.

The drunk man threatened to kill one of the policemen while grabbing his clothes and then punching him in the chest with a fist of medium force. The policeman pushed the 49-year-old man away from him again and grabbed his arm and tried to handcuff him.

The recording of the security camera:


The 24-year-old man, also intoxicated, noticed the police action against his father and brother and intended to prevent it, squeezed the neck of the lawfully acting police officer from behind at the gate of the espresso.

The policeman suddenly turned around, letting go of the older man and handcuffing him with the help of a civic guard present, using a lead-on catch against the younger man.

During their interrogation of suspects, the detained offenders admitted to committing the crime charged against them. According to the investigating prosecutor’s office, the arrest of an older man with a repeated criminal record and a younger man strangling a police officer cannot be dispensed with. Despite the motion of the prosecutor’s office, the Debrecen District Court did not order a coercive measure affecting personal liberty, which was appealed against by both prosecutors present at the hearing.

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