“Hungary at World’s Biggest Intelligent Transport Systems Event for First Time”


Hungary is present for the first time at the world’s largest event dedicated to intelligent transport systems, with a national stand at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg running from Oct. 11 to 15, the minister of innovation and technology, László Palkovics, said.


The national stand presents several new Hungarian smart mobility developments, including a project which creates a “digital twin” for any given transport situation thanks to cooperation between the ZalaZONE Vehicle Test Track, university research projects based on the ZalaZONE test track and the Hungarian public road company Magyar Közút Nonprofit. Whichever participant, including vehicle or person, wants to respond to a transport situation, the digital replica allows them to interfere in the process and “present a proper reaction”, he added.

Palkovics said the development project had attracted considerable interest. The project implemented under the arrangements of Austrian-Hungarian research cooperation is up and running with the installation of the system on the M76 motorway, he said.



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