Máté Kanász-Nagy: LMP is Assurance for Representation of Green Issues


LMP and the party’s Green Guarantee programme, is the assurance for representation of green issues, the opposition party’s co-leader said at an online press conference on Sunday.


Máté Kanász-Nagy asked voters to support the opposition’s unified front even though there is no green candidate among those competing in the second round of primaries to pick the opposition’s joint challenger for prime minister in the 2022 general elections. “LMP’s Green Guarantee programme is the kind of programme that provides an answer to Hungary’s social, economic and environmental crisis,” he added.

He said Hungary must be made free of nuclear energy for a sustainable future and to protect it from the effects of climate change. He added that if there is a change in government, Paks II contracts will not only be “probed”, they will immediately be cancelled.
Kanász-Nagy said the party aims to raise salaries of people working in the public, social and cultural sectors, in health-care and in education. The party wants to introduce a multi-rate tax system in which earnings up to the minimum wage are tax fee, and people whose earnings are average take home “tens of thousands of forints” more than they do at present, he added.

Kanász-Nagy said LMP believes every family and every child is equal and aims to “significantly raise” family benefits. He added that the party wants to channel state and European Union funding to Hungarian SMES rather than “supporting assembly plants and multinationals”.



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