The government will soon decide on a third vaccination


Among other things, the Minister of Human Resources spoke about the need for a third vaccination on Spirit FM’s Exclusive show. According to him, after tomorrow’s government meeting, we can already talk about “specifics on this issue”, namely, as he put it, “it will be a very accurate decision, broken down by vaccine types,” writes.

According to realistic calculations, the fourth wave will start in Hungary as well, for example, seven young people on the Austrian side of Lake Neusiedl became infected with the delta variant – the minister reminded.

According to Kassler, this mutant is sixty percent more aggressive than the British mutant, and it is fifty percent more contagious than the original version. Even between those in the same airspace, 12 minutes is enough to infect each other.

The endangered age group also arose with the question of the third vaccination: according to Miklós Kásler, protection not only against the coronavirus, but also with all other vaccinations decreases over time.

“There is evidence in the literature that another booster dose with a heterologous vaccine, i.e. with another type of vaccine, dramatically increases protection.”

In my opinion, it is advisable to give the third vaccination after six months. There is no data to refute that, ”he said.

Hungary cannot avoid the fourth wave, the minister said. He sees the situation analogous to that of a year ago: after overcoming the first wave, the British variant came in from abroad, and a very similar thing is happening now.

Miklós Kásler sees that healthcare is prepared for the fourth wave, he sees no hole anywhere.

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