The number of Hungarians traveling to Croatia has increased significantly


Compared to last year, the number of Hungarians traveling to Croatia almost doubled by the end of June this year, said the Hungarian director of the Croatian Tourist Board at a press conference in Budapest.

Prince Ivana explained that in the period from January 1 to June 28, the number of Hungarians traveling to the Adriatic state increased by 90 percent to 54,000 compared to the same period in 2020. However, the number of guest nights rose 105 percent to 230,000 nights in this nearly 6-month period.

The most visited settlements by the Hungarians during this period were Rovinj, Vir, Crikvenica, Opatija and Porec, the Croatian tourism expert indicated.

At the briefing, which was also attended by Mladen Andrlic, Croatia’s Ambassador to Hungary, the tourism expert explained that under current rules, Hungarian citizens can travel to Croatia by road or rail without any restrictions and do not need a security certificate to travel home. However, air travelers are an exception, and their travel is accompanied by a security certificate, PCR test, or quarantine.

There is no difference between vaccinated and non-vaccinated tourists during their stay in Croatia, so everyone is required to wear a mask indoors. The restaurants are open – except for nightclubs – but for the time being with restrictions, from 6 a.m. to midnight, said Ivana Herceg.

He added that it is no longer mandatory at the moment, but in order to speed up the border crossing, it is worthwhile for travelers to fill in the Croatian registration document, which is also available in Hungarian, at

He also mentioned that this year’s tourist season will allow you to travel to Croatia by plane and train again. Ryanair operates twice a week between Budapest and Zadar from July to October, and the Czech RegioJet between Budapest and Rijeka and Split runs daily in July and August and three times a week in September.

Prince Ivana also spoke about the recent measures taken to ensure Croatian tourism and thus the safety of guests. As an example, he mentioned that in April, as one of the priority groups, a vaccination campaign for those working in tourism was launched.

According to a previous report, more than 220,000 Hungarian guests visited Croatia in 2020, 65 percent less than in the record year of 2019, when 644,000 Hungarians rested in the Adriatic state. Last year, Hungarian guests spent 1.3 million nights in the country, which was a 60 percent decrease compared to last year’s nearly 3.3 million.



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