By the end of May, the forests had been cleared of 12,500 cubic meters of garbage


As part of the Clean the Country action, 12,500 cubic meters of waste was collected in the forests by the end of May, the Deputy Secretary of State for Agriculture said on the current program of the M1 channel on Monday.

Most of the rubbish was found in the Pilisi Park Forest around the capital, Sándor Szentpéteri said.

In order to prevent littering, forestry has installed 113 barriers and 264 surveillance cameras in the recent period, he added.

He said litter is causing serious damage to forests, despite the fact that there are more and more places to dump waste.

Typically, residential, mixed waste is found in forests, but there is a lot of construction waste, especially around the capital, and car tires, which are classified as hazardous waste, are also thrown away in the forests, the deputy secretary of state said.



Photo: garbage collection at Nagycsere

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