“Sexual Education of Children Job of Parents”


Asked about reports claiming that Hungary’s law against paedophiles approved this Tuesday was homophobic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio that it would be worthwhile for gay people to read the text of the law.


They will realise that it does not apply to those above 18, he said, adding that the law was dedicated to the “protection of our children”. The starting point of the law is that the sexual education of children is exclusively the job of parents and no institution can take that right away, Orbán said. The law states that parents must be guaranteed the right to decide on the sexual education of their children and very clear limits must be set for sexual education at school, he said. Children must be protected from access to information on any platform that would be contrary to the educational ideas of parents, he added. In response to a question, Orbán said he did not expect Brussels to find any aspect of the law that could justify launching an infringement procedure in this matter.



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