PM: Vaccine Only Protection Against Virus

Vaccination is the only way to get protection against the coronavirus and those who don’t get vaccinated can potentially become infected, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday.

Hungary has a six to eight-week advantage in terms of vaccinations compared to all other European Union countries “because we acquired vaccines earlier and started vaccination sooner”, Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio. “We are also among the first ones to relaunch life,” he added. Orbán said he was still very concerned about the three million Hungarians who refused to get vaccinated. “The virus will find those who are not vaccinated, which means we have potentially three million infections,” he added. The prime minister asked everyone to register and get vaccinated.

Orbán said that, in line with current knowledge, vaccinated persons are protected against all variants of the virus discovered so far and there is no potential variant on the horizon that existing vaccines are not good for. Citing the example of the UK where the number of infections is on the increase despite the high rate of vaccinations, the prime minister asked everyone to accept that “vaccination is the only way to get protection against the coronavirus”.

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