The heat will be high around Debrecen, but how long will the heatwave last?


There will be a sure and definite warming in the atmosphere during the week: by the end of the week, the temperature will rise by about ten degrees Celsius, the National Meteorological Service said on its Facebook page.

It was written that the onset of the heatwave – with peaks across the country above 30 degrees – can be put on Friday, but will be 30-32 degrees in many places as early as Thursday.

According to the forecast, they can measure peaks of 35-36 degrees on the weekends, and in some places, the temperature will be above 20 degrees even in the coldest hours.

According to the calculations of the Time Picture, the peak temperature in Debrecen creeps above 30 degrees for the first time on Wednesday, and may be the warmest on Saturday: then we can measure 34 degrees.

For the time being, there is a lot of uncertainty:

Thunderstorms may come on Sunday evening, but even more so on Monday, but the extent of the refresh is still completely uncertain, the meteorological service writes. The standard deviation is 15-17 degrees, so after 9-10 days it can be any maximum between 21 and 38 degrees.

An explanation for the great uncertainty may be that air masses with very different temperatures will be located over the continent. Where the boundary line of these air masses will lie and where the Carpathian Basin will be “on which side” can only be answered in the other days of the week.

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