A doctor vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine performed the test recommended by Merkely – he had no protection


There are already four thousand members of the Facebook group, which was set up to collect those who, after being vaccinated with the two Chinese vaccines, did not detect or only marginally detected the antibodies needed for protection from their bodies, writes 24.hu. The group also includes retired rheumatologist Bodaj Hajnalka, who performed a total of three tests after receiving the Chinese vaccine in March.

As the test of the woman and her husband also became negative in May, the doctor wrote to Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University, asking what to do after the negative test in May.

In the letter, he recalled Merkely’s statement that no man had yet been found vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine who would not have had antibodies after the two vaccines.

In his response, Merkely wrote that not all tests are suitable for measuring antibodies after vaccination, nor is what the woman and her husband did. The rector recommended the test they used, but in the meantime, they had already done the antibody test in another lab, and they also got a negative result there. The retired rheumatologist then turned to Merkely again and asked where the test he recommended could be done. The rector replied that the examination could also be carried out at Semmelweis University for 8,500 forints – they then asked him for an appointment for the examination.

According to the article in 24.hu, the result was ambiguous:

for the woman, the most suitable test by Merkely did not show the antibody needed for protection, and although her husband had a positive sample, his antibody level was only close to the lower limit.

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The Rector reassured them that the results of the antibody test alone could not be interpreted as an indication of a specific level of immunity or protection against the coronavirus. He also cited a resolution from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that coronavirus vaccination does not yield positive results in all antibody tests.

The retired doctor wrote another letter to Merkely about what test he would then need to take to show he was protected, and also asked what, in addition to his faith, could be proven to be protected. He no longer received an answer to this.

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