Official: the third wave of the epidemic in Hungary is over


Thanks to the vaccination campaign, the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic in Hungary has ended, the national chief medical officer said at an online press conference of the operative board responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic on Tuesday.

The photo was taken last year at the temporary farewell of the operative board (MTI / Zoltán Balogh)

Cecília Müller said that the epidemiological data are improving and the concentration of viruses in wastewater is low,

however, the virus is still “here with us” and vaccination is the best defense.

The concentration of coronavirus in wastewater is stagnant

He reported that 5,278,680 people received the first dose of a vaccine, while the second received 4,027,056 people. With this vaccination rate, Hungary is still in second place – after Malta – in Europe, she added.

She explained that all vaccination points were in operation and vaccine shipments were also arriving on an ongoing basis. 375,570 Pfizer vaccines will arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday, 36,000 Janssen vaccines on Thursday, and 64,800 Moderna vaccines on Friday.

It’s not too late to get a vaccine, she said, adding that “we can breathe a little,” but the virus is present.

It is open to everyone if you want to be vaccinated, they are currently vaccinated with six types of vaccines. He also indicated that he had written a letter to GPs that if they knew a person in their practice who had not yet registered or been vaccinated, they would offer their help.

When asked, the national chief medical officer also spoke about not deviating from the vaccination protocol, so those who have been infected will also receive two vaccinations. She added: the vaccine provides stronger and longer-lasting protection than a viral infection.

Asked if a third dose might be needed, Cecília Müller replied:

this may be necessary for any vaccine. However, she added, there is no answer yet. If the need for a third vaccination is scientifically confirmed, Hungary will follow it.

She indicated that there is enough vaccine if a third vaccination becomes necessary.

She also mentioned that a new “nomenclature” has been introduced for virus variants, so mutations are no longer named according to the geographical location of their recognition. Thus, the British variant is henceforth called the alpha variant, the South African beta, the Brazilian gamma, and the Indian mutant delta variant.

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