“Hungary Has Enough Jabs”

Hungary is the only European Union member state that is not struggling with a shortage of Covid-19 vaccines, but rather has more jabs available than people registering to get inoculated, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

Hungary will now transition from mass vaccinations to standby vaccinations, leaving a few vaccination points open for those who want to get the jab, Orbán said in an interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió. He said it would not make sense to maintain the current vaccination system given the strain it puts on doctors and hospitals. Orbán said Hungary would have an even greater surplus of vaccines as the year went on, noting that the country will have more than 16.6 million doses of Western vaccines alone by the end of the year. Hungary has vaccine security, he said, adding that the authorities could easily administer two more doses to everyone in the event of another wave of the virus or if it turned out that the jabs that have already been administered did not provide immunity for a year or nine months. “The success of the vaccination drive has bought us time, saved us money and brought us freedom,” Orbán said. He urged the 2.5 million people who have not yet registered to get inoculated to do so as soon as possible.




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