Catholic Bishops’ Conference Condemns All Forms of Child Abuse


The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (MKPK) has condemned all forms of child abuse and declared zero tolerance towards it.


The conference said, however, that manifestations suggesting that there are links between church profession and the propensity to commit abuse “fail to serve the interests of society”. Child abuse is a serious sin and a crime, regardless of whether it is committed in school, at sport clubs, in camps, within family, or in secular or religious institutions, the statement said. “We express our deepest sympathy to all who suffered abuse as a child”, it added. “We pray for the spiritual peace of victims and for the healing of wounds suffered in the past, and ask for forgiveness on behalf of the perpetrators,” the bishops’ conference said. MKPK follows the principle of zero tolerance in terms of abuse committed against minors and this also applies to cases when anyone learns of the abuse committed but fails to report it, the statement said.

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