Orbán is preparing to announce further concessions


Gergely Gulyás, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, and Alexandra Szentkirályi, Government Spokesman, will talk about the latest government decisions.

We reviewed the status of the vaccination campaign at yesterday’s government meeting. As far as the numbers can be foreseen, we will reach the five million vaccinees on the Pentecost weekend – said Gergely Gulyás.

We have now reached the point where anyone who registers can book an appointment within a day or two and even receive the vaccine the day after the appointment.

He added.

The minister in charge of the prime minister stressed that those who have been infected can now make an appointment.

They allowed the extraordinary legal order to last until mid-September, the beginning of the autumn session at the latest. But when it is no longer needed, the government will give back that right. That is why the implementing law is being adopted, which stipulates which rules will remain in force after the end of the state of emergency, for example, how long expired identity documents will remain valid.

Parliament voted: Orbán’s extraordinary mandate will remain valid until autumn

After crossing the five million vaccinated, the government proposed further concessions to the operational tribe. The concessions, after being discussed by the operatv tribe at dawn on Friday, will be announced by the prime minister on Friday.

The credit moratorium in its current form will be extended until the end of August.

It was also decided that Hungary would not participate in the next chapter of vaccine procurement in Brussels. The government has already procured 10 million Western vaccines, so there will be no shortage of vaccines even if a third vaccination is needed.



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