Government info: Pfizer and Moderna vaccine will soon be available, and there will be no free summer for those without a security certificate


Until August, restrictions on the coronavirus epidemic for those without protection will certainly be maintained, the minister in charge of the prime minister’s office announced at an online press conference on Thursday.

Gergely Gulyás said that in order to participate in concerts, festivals, entertainment venues and sports events, as well as to use the services of hotels and restaurants, a security card will be indispensable in the coming months.

He stressed that vaccination against the coronavirus is still voluntary but subject to registration. Any vaccination approved in Hungary is effective and safe, he added.

The minister said that from last week if someone returned home from abroad, they would be exempt from quarantine with a protection certificate. According to a regulation that is now coming out, if an adult arrives with a minor, this rule will also apply to the child, he added.

The government has submitted a draft budget for next year, which aims to ensure dynamic economic growth, said Gergely Gulyás.

The head of the ministry emphasized that by the end of this year, the level where the economy was at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus can be reached, and I want growth to continue in 2022. Hungary’s frugal, conservative economic policy, which does not want to live up to the future, has worked, he said.

He stressed that a new era in health care had also been opened, gratitude had been abolished and there had been a significant increase in medical wages. Next year, 769 billion forints will go to health care, so in 11 years, expenditures will more than double, he pointed out.

The minister announced that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available again, with a total of roughly 120-180,000 doses of these two available each week. It won’t be that much this week because the Pfizer shipment that just arrived has been put off for second-round vaccinations and for the 16-18 age group.

Gergely Gulyás pointed out that they also decided to support local governments, the government provides a total of HUF 23 billion in proportionate and equitable support, of which HUF 1.7 billion contributes to the renewal and construction of crèches, educational and cultural institutions.

Vaccination against the coronavirus has managed to break the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the minister in charge of the prime ministerial office said.

According to Gergely Gulyás, nearly two million first vaccinations have been given in Hungary in the last four weeks. Nearly 53 percent of the population over the age of 18 has been vaccinated, he detailed.

He added that thanks to this, the restart could continue and the services that had been suspended since March could be re-used with a security certificate.

“Hungary was the first in Europe to regain its freedom,” the minister said.


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