“Hungary Saved Many Lives Thanks to Eastern Vaccines”


Hungary saved many lives and “gained a month and a half” in vaccinations thanks to the Russian and Chinese Covid-19 jabs, a foreign ministry official said.


Tamás Menczer, the state secretary for communications and international representation, said in a Facebook video that without the Eastern vaccines, the number of vaccinated Hungarians would not have reached four million by last Friday, only in mid-June. Restrictions would have remained in force for a month and a half longer and the gradual relaunch of the economy, including the reopening of pubs and restaurants, cinemas, theatres and gyms, would have been delayed accordingly, he added. “Had we listened to the anti-vaxxer voices on the left, there would be much fewer vaccinated, protected people and we would have lost a month and a half,” he added. Menczer said vaccines save lives and “lead us back to our normal lives”. He called on everyone not to believe the anti-vaxxers.




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