Virus Traces in Waste Water Falling


The trace amounts of coronavirus in waste water, an indicator of the course of the epidemic in the coming period, is falling nationwide, the leading infectologist of Budapest’s South Pest Central Hospital said.


János Szlávik told news channel M1 that while the number of hospitalised patients is falling accordingly, the caseload at ICU units remains extremely high. This points to a slower decline in the number of fatalities, he said. Currently, some 50-60% of the population is estimated to be protected from the coronavirus either through vaccination or because they have already recovered from the virus. Some 1-3 million more people still need to be inoculated for transmissions in the country to be halted, Szlávik said. He added that the pandemic situation was at a critical juncture and he called on the public to “stand together” and ignore “false prophets”.


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