Opening – “A pint of beer is waiting for me on my terrace.”


Three and a half million of our compatriots have been vaccinated. We are restarting Hungary, Viktor Orbán posted on his Facebook page on Friday morning. The Prime Minister recalled that, as a result, the terraces of the restaurants were reopening. The prime minister then went to Kossuth Radio for his usual Friday interview.

3.5 million people vaccinated, so the terraces can be opened from Saturday morning

– Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Kossuth radio Good morning, Hungary!

Next week, we will open the services to those who have a security certificate

They can open theaters, cinemas, approach normal life – said the Prime Minister. The interview revealed that Orbán did not ask the WHO European Director about the opening of the terrace, their conversation was more about the positives. The prime minister asked if the world organization had a system in place in the future. So far, 3,508,000 people have been vaccinated.

“A pint of beer is waiting for me on my terrace.”

Said the Prime Minister. In order to close the terraces until half past 10 in the evening, the curfew will start at 11 am. There will be 4 million vaccinated in the middle of next week, we have the next opening step.

At four million vaccinees (expected Wednesday-Thursday), we will open up a wide range of services to those with a certificate of protection.

  • theaters will be open to the public
  • dancer, musical venues
  • circuses
  • cinemas
  • gyms, fitness rooms
  • adventure parks, amusement parks
  • libraries
  • sporting events
  • hotels

“It sounds like we will resume our normal life,” the prime minister said.

Successful school opening

Orbán said this about the opening of the school: things went more smoothly than expected, the children went back far above 50 percent. That number will rise, it will be higher next week.

All vaccines are equally effective

One percent of those who get one vaccine get sick, they can be considered essentially protected. Orbán says the numbers are encouraging, but vaccination is still important and many are still not vaccinated. The manager encourages everyone to register.

According to Orbán, all vaccines are equally effective, with large amounts of vaccine coming in the coming weeks. In mid-May, there may be a situation where the number of registered and vaccinated people intersects. That’s when the Hungarians living in the world come.

How are 16-18-year-olds vaccinated?

There is a lot of international controversies, but according to the Hungarian position, this age group can be vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine, so the required amount is isolated. Information on the vaccination schedule will be provided later. Younger people are not yet dared to be vaccinated, but they are already being vaccinated in Israel.

The extraordinary power of attorney

There was also talk of the government’s extraordinary authorization in the program, in connection with which Viktor Orbán said that the deadline is the 15th day after the beginning of the September parliamentary session, but whether the government can return its license even earlier.

Mortality numbers

There is no need to make a political debate about the number of dead, the prime minister said, adding that these political debates could be handled with more dignity. He stressed that people are dying and we need to sympathize with their relatives.

He also talked about the fact that Hungary is in a sustainable position in terms of deaths.

Photo: Viktor Orbán 2018, Bavaria

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