The fifth biggest winner of the five lottery- what will he spend his prize on?


Last year, on December 19, the fifth-highest prize in the more than 63-year history of the five-lottery was born, as a Hungarian lucky man won nearly 4 billion forints (approx 10 million Euros). The player had to register with Szerencsejáték Zrt. Within 90 days of the day after the draw, which he did within a few days. The national lottery company’s questionnaire on big winners revealed, among other things, that the player’s long-term plans included the purchase of real estate and financial investment, for which he would seek expert help.

2; 19; 27; 29; 86 – these were the five numbers with which a Hungarian player won a total of HUF 3.959 billion in the five lottery at the end of last year, who also willingly filled in the anonymous questionnaire of Szerencsejáték Zrt. as part of the company’s overall practice, this questionnaire provides an opportunity for the winner to share information about themselves, their plans, and their gaming system. The now-completed grand prize questionnaire revealed several things about the winner of Hungary’s best-known lottery game.

For example, you can tell from his answers that he has never won a similarly high amount and that he used to play alone or with his friends. However, it remains a mystery whether he has to share his current prize with one of his acquaintances or whether he alone has the full amount. He also revealed that he had given up his coupon in Budapest. There is also a personal attachment to numbers; as you can find the dates of birth of your relatives as well as the dates of important events in your life, so it’s no surprise that you always play the same 5 numbers.

The player learned from the internet that he had won and also confessed that he was unable to speak for a long time out of joy and surprise. He was the first to share the good news with his close family members, with whom he would share his prize. The fifth biggest winner of the five lottery expects that his life will not be completely transformed thanks to the prize, but he is aware that his circumstances will change.

And what do you spend your winnings on?

According to the player, kitchen utensils and equipment are listed in the first place, but he would also be happy to buy new property and a car later. In the longer term, he will also consider the investment for which he want the help of a professional.

When asked if he would continue the lottery, he answered yes, but he also added that he was taking a break now.

– Szerencsejáték Zrt. –

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