A journalist wanted to find out who used Orbán’s luxury plane


On February 28, the NER luxury plane returned to Budapest from the Maldives many times.

An employee of Alfahír tried to find out who came home with the plane that Viktor Orbán and Lőrinc Mészáros also use.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do: they got in front of a minibus, walked in front of him with an umbrella, and flashed a flashlight so he couldn’t take photos.

Then, on the way home, a station wagon Skoda followed in the company of a Mercedes.

They followed all the way to the Határ Road. That’s when I started driving in zigzags, driving into small streets, but they were still behind me. I managed to shake one off with tricky maneuvers, but the Mercedes, if I accelerated, he also accelerated, if I turned, he also turned. I managed to upset him by preventing a van and suddenly the driver lost me. I quickly parked and turned off the lights, but he spotted me again and drove past me, then walked on. I did a few more laps to make sure they wouldn’t follow me home.

– can be read in the Alfahír report.

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