Will restaurants remain closed until Pentecost? The government is giving an answer


It is an unfounded, irresponsible rumor that hotels and restaurants in Hungary would be kept closed until Pentecost, the Government Information Center (KTK) told MTI on Tuesday.

The statement stated that the government had not made such a decision.

They also pointed out that vaccines from EU sources are not enough, so the government is also negotiating with China and Russia to get vaccines so that mass vaccination can start in Hungary as soon as possible.

It was recently rumored that domestic hotels and restaurants had received a letter stating that they would not expect to open before Pentecost.

It is hard to imagine opening everything before May. However, this is the case not only in Hungary, but also in other European countries, as vaccination and epidemic data show that restrictions will persist for an uncertain period of time.

-Tamás Flesch told 24.hu.



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