Justice Minister Discusses Cooperation With Green, Family Affairs NGOs


Judit Varga, the justice minister, discussed cooperation possibilities in the areas of environmental protection, child protection, domestic violence and victim support with the founder of three civil organisations.

The founder, Nóra Király, is the representative of the young family association Ficsak, the green group Zöld Követ Egyesület and the women’s rights association Mindennapok Női Szemmel. Civil groups play an important role in exposing issues that affect the everyday life of people, giving experts and civil individuals a platform to present their views and serving as “a bridge” between society and politics, Varga said on Facebook. “We are working for the Hungarian people. We cannot achieve success without the support of civil organisations who can convey the message to members of the society that they are not left without help. Together we shall succeed,” she said.



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