Snowy days greet the eastern half of Hungary


It will be a real winter weather with all its pros and cons.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, by Tuesday morning, mainly in the Trans-Tisza region, with varying intensity, there will be snowfall reaching 3 cm,  and then the precipitation will stop everywhere.

At dawn, dense hoarfrost fog may occur. From Tuesday evening, another precipitation zone will come from the north and northwest. In the northwest (Kisalföld, in the northern part of the Alpine foothills) there may be a slight chance of rain at first, followed by snowfall. In the northern counties, fresh snow exceeding 2 cm can accumulate in places (mainly in the northeast) and it might reach 5 cm until Tuesday midnight.

By Wednesday morning, snowfall will occur in several places, during the day, and it may also occur in the northeast and in some places in the west. The maxima are between -1 and +5 degrees.

Snow and sleet may also occur in several places on Thursday. In slightly windy weather, the temperature is between -2 and +4 degrees.

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