What to expect during the holidays? What Viktor Orbán will decide


They have already begun deliberations.

A decision on what provisions will follow the restrictive measures expiring on December 11, what rules will apply to the holidays is expected to be made on Monday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Thursday.

The head of government recalls in the recording that the restrictive measures taken earlier will expire on 11 December.

“We want to make decisions at the operational staff meeting no later than Monday morning. We also need to make decisions about the framework for Christmas and New Year: how to celebrate, how to behave, how to avoid big crowds.”

– he said.

He added that informed decisions are needed. During the day, he listened to the views of epidemiologists who have helped the government’s work so far.

“So we have started the consultations, and I will continue them tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Decisions are expected to be announced on Monday,” said Viktor Orbán.

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