Operative Board to Remain Active

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A state of epidemiological preparedness has now been declared for six months, to be reviewed after three months, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told a regular press briefing.

Shopping times reserved for elderly people will be discontinued as of Thursday but rules on wearing masks will be maintained, he said. Wearing masks will provide sufficient protection for elderly people from now on, he added. The operative board will continue to operate and the management method for hospitals will also be unchanged, he said.

In line with a European Commission proposal which coincides with the government’s position, borders between European Union member states should be made crossable as soon as possible, he said. At the same time, after a temporary stop in migration, figures in May were once reason for concern, he said, expressing hope that the reopening of borders will not hinder border protection. Gulyás added that Hungary was able to defend its borders.

He said Hungary has successfully completed the first phase of protection and the number of active infections is expected to further decrease if people observe the rules in place. However, in case of any changes, restrictions may have to be reintroduced, he added. A potential second wave of the epidemic might take place in September or October, he said. Hot summer weather is expected to slow the spread of the virus, he added.



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