Mayor of Debrecen: this year’s city budget is focused on development

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The mayor of Debrecen called this year’s budget of the municipality of Debrecen development-centric at the press conference presenting the draft budget on Friday, adding that 2024 will be the year of scale change, construction and growth for the settlement.

László Papp (Fidesz-KDNP) said in the renovated Csokonai theater that development, stability, environmental protection and care determine Debrecen’s budget this year, which has a balance sheet total of HUF 230.9 billion, 27 percent more than last year.

The horizontal development policy started in recent years is continuing, the essence of which is that the residents feel the growth, care, and development in all areas of the city, from the downtown to the gardens, he added.

According to László Papp’s declaration, the four strategic areas of the budget are economic development, development of transport and water infrastructure, environmental protection and sustainability, as well as care policy and protection of families.

He emphasized that the total investment amount of the planned budget is almost HUF 100 billion, which means an increase of 88.6 percent compared to last year’s HUF 52 billion. At the same time, they are not counting on borrowing this year either – he noted.

He also indicated that local business tax revenue of HUF 34.5 billion is expected this year, 20 percent more than last year.

László Papp explained that the total operating expenditure of the draft budget is HUF 90.7 billion; in the mayor’s office, in cultural and social institutions, in the institution operating center and the supervision of public areas, a 17 percent wage increase, and a 32 percent wage increase in kindergarten teachers is expected.

He added that HUF 8 billion will be paid into the central budget as a solidarity contribution, while they can count on HUF 71.7 billion in state, normative and investment support.

80.66 billion will be spent on economic development this year, the mayor said, mentioning that the development of the city’s industrial areas – the northwestern and southern economic zones, the Határ út industrial park, the western industrial park operated by small and medium-sized enterprises – will continue. In connection with the industrial zone, the water infrastructure, electricity network and transport are being developed, he added.

Among the investments related to environmental protection, he singled out the panel renovation program, for which HUF 500 million will be spent this year, and as a new initiative, the built heritage renovation program will also begin in Debrecen with an investment of HUF 200 million.

The details of the city budget draft will be presented by the deputy mayors in the coming days, and the proposal on the budget will be discussed by the city assembly on February 22, László Papp indicated.


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