Volunteers are expected at 14 locations on Friday at the blood donation day of the MÁV-Volán group

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Volunteers are expected at 14 locations on Friday for the blood donation day of the MÁV-Volán group. In addition to the company’s employees, civilians are also expected for the 17th organized blood donation, the corporate group told MTI on Wednesday.

In their announcement, they emphasized that volunteers at the event can contribute to a balanced and continuous blood supply during the holidays.

According to the information, blood donors are expected on December 8 in Békéscsaba, Budapest, Debrecen, Dombóvár, Hatvan, Kaposvár, Miskolc, Nagykanizsa, Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Szeged, Székesfehérvár, Szolnok and Szombathely.

With the holidays approaching, the organizers of the event drew attention to the importance of selfless assistance and the importance of cooperation between passengers and public transport workers.

It was emphasized that only those who feel completely healthy should donate blood.

They mentioned that the MÁV-Volán group organized the program jointly with the National Railway Association of Public Culture and Leisure (VOKE), the Hungarian Red Cross and the National Blood Service.

More information on the dates and locations of the blood donation can be found on the MÁV-Volán website.

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