A beautiful young lady from Hajdú-Bihar county won the World TOP Model Hungary special award

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A competition is effective if it points to the future and starts you on a path of development – announced the competition director of the World Top Model domestic final, Anita Trejtnar.

At the World TOP Model Hungary finals, 6 girls can improve their skills and continue their careers at the Italian model academy, so they have a higher chance of receiving invitations from abroad later on.

The podium winners: Lilla Horváth (Dunaújváros), Laura Sümeghy (Szeged) and Boglárka Horváth (Győrújbarát), as well as Aweiti Rene (Budapest), Amanda Molnár (Budapest) and Gere Bernadett (Bükkábrány). The results were announced at the first domestic final of the World Top Model, held in more than 50 countries and dating back 3 decades, at the Aquaworld Resort.

At the award ceremony, all members of the field received a basic package worth nearly one hundred thousand HUF, then the Noór special prize for Johanna Farkas (Pápa), the Crystal Store exclusive photography for Kriszt Natália (Vecsés), Bogi Horváth and Johanna Farkas (Pápa) received a job opportunity on the soon-to-be-launched Crystal Fashion Channel, while Larina Vittmann (Budapest) took home the special prize for the Paloma swimsuit from the competition.

Ágnes Kiss (Balmazújváros) returned home from the finals of World TOP Model Hungary held on November 24 in Budapest with Zen Garden Resort relaxation, while Rene Aweiti received a special award from Nivea, and Amanda Molnár and Vajda Mercédesz (Kaposvár) received special awards from Loyd.

Lilla Horváth received the ribbon for first place, and on February 25, she will be able to stand on the same stage with the winners of more than 50 countries at the ceremonial world finals in Monte Carlo.

You can already apply for next year’s second WTM national competition, the semi-finals of which will take place on one of the stages of the country’s oldest and persistently TOP10 Boglár Vintage Festival on August 16-20. on Platán beach.

(Debreceni Nap)

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