Some parking passes in Debrecen are getting more expensive

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Debrecen’s representative body held its regular meeting on November 30, 2023. in the András Hall of the Kölcsey Center in Görömbei.

Based on the decision of the general meeting, the hourly rate for using the waiting areas with a parking ticket and daily parking ticket, as well as the hourly rate for the use of the underground garage, will not change. In addition to the unchanged hourly rates, you can also purchase a discount pass for the public by paying the unchanged rate.

Concerning parking passes, the general assembly accepted the proposal to increase the price of half-yearly and annual passes, the monthly underground parking pass, and the monthly Hunyadi pass, which can be purchased by natural persons, business organizations and other legal entities, by an average of 10%.

The area serving as a parking in Széchenyi utca 14-16. lot has 400 spaces. The Széchenyi pass is being introduced, of which a maximum of 200 will be sold per month. Its price is HUF 18,000 gross/month, the same as the price of the Hunyadi pass.

With the transformation of Dósa palátin tér and Csapó utca, nearly 200 waiting places subject to fee payment have been eliminated – instead, a 208-space underground garage will be created on Sas utca, where a total of 21 double charging devices for electric vehicles can be built.


The large increase in the operating and maintenance costs of cemeteries justifies the 16% increase in the fees in Annexes 2, 4 and 5 of the relevant decree. The cemetery maintenance fee included in Annex 3, to be paid by those performing work as a business, is increased by 100%, considering that this fee includes entry into the cemetery, data reconciliation at the customer service office, on-site inspection by the headstone team leader at the grave site, and the business the fee for checking the submitted documents by the manager. XLIII of 1999 on cemeteries and burials. § 40, paragraph (4) of the Act was amended with effect from 7 July 2023 such that the maximum 5% requirement for the highest amount of the cemetery maintenance contribution fee and the simple arithmetic average of the redemption fee items established for individual graves in the given year was abolished, however the according to the new regulations, neither the owner nor the operator – with the exception of funeral service providers – can establish or collect any other fees for those who work in the cemetery as a business in addition to the cemetery maintenance contribution fee.

Due to the increased number of funerals with urns, a high-quality urn wall with 301 2-seat urn booths will be created in a frequented location in the vicinity of the Columbarium. These urn booths can be exchanged for 10 years starting in 2023. The amendment of the relevant decree on November 17, 2022. did not yet include the fee for the redemption of these urn booths after the first 10 years, however, there is an increased need to redeem the urn booths in advance for a period longer than 10 years. With this in mind, the amendment will now be made.

Green area protection fees will be increased by 17%.

The amendments to the decree will enter into force on January 1, 2024.

(Debreceni Nap)

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