In October, rents increased by 0.4 percent compared to the previous month in Hungary

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After the stagnation in September, in October, the supply rents increased by 0.4 percent nationally and by 0.9 percent in Budapest compared to the previous month – according to the rent index of the Central Statistical Office (KSH) and

According to the data published on the KSH website, rents in October rose by 13 percent both nationally and in the capital on an annual basis, and by 95 and 86 percent, respectively, compared to the base period of 2015.

They also pointed out that, parallel to the 0.1 percent decrease in consumer prices in October, real rents rose by 0.5 percent nationally and by 1 percent in Budapest in one month.

56 percent of the ads were for apartments in the capital city, 29 percent in county towns, and 14 percent in non-county towns. The floor area of the apartments advertised for sale was 55 square meters on average in Budapest, and 57 square meters in the county towns.

Nationally, 91 percent of the observed advertisements were for apartments in multi-apartment buildings, and the rest were for single-family houses. This year, in the first ten months of the year, 44 percent of the advertisements nationwide and 43 percent in the capital came from private individuals, according to the KSH website.’s announcement sent to MTI on Monday quoted László Balogh, the leading economic expert of, who said that according to the data of the past months, rents fluctuate. Since the summer, there have been examples of a moderate decrease, stagnation and a modest increase. The fluctuating rents can be partly explained by the fact that at current price levels, tenants are already very careful about which apartment they buy. This is also indicated by the fact that the supply of apartments for rent is constantly increasing, but the sublettings available at the best prices are sold within days or hours, the expert added.

According to the latest data from, the supply in Budapest increased by 10 percent year-on-year, so prospective tenants could choose from more than 8,500 apartments. However, the same number of apartments for rent (more than 2,500) are advertised in the county seats as at this time last year.

In Budapest, the average rent is HUF 240,000, while in different districts the rents range from HUF 160,000 to HUF 315,000.

Among the county seats, prices in Veszprém and Miskolc have stagnated compared to last November, so they are now at HUF 160,000 and HUF 100,000. In November, the apartments in Győr are the most expensive, at HUF 190,000, followed by Debrecen and Székesfehérvár at HUF 180,000 each. The cheapest big cities include Salgótarján and Békéscsaba, where the average rent is also HUF 100,000

– reads the announcement of the real estate advertising portal.


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