Suppliers’ Forum in Debrecen – Focus is on small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the region

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It is a priority goal and at the same time an important task for the management of the City of Debrecen County and the EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Center to support and facilitate the strengthening of market relations and cooperation between businesses operating in the city, in order to enable as many local small and medium-sized enterprises as possible to successfully join the production and service value chain of companies, for as many as possible to become suppliers in the field of electromobility, industry and business services.

In order to achieve the above goals, a supplier forum entitled “Supplier Forum – Focus on small and medium-sized enterprises of the region” will be organized on November 16, 2023, by the City of Debrecen County, the EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Center and the ADMA TranS4MErs program.

During the event, we would like to acquaint the managers of the SMEs operating here, which can be considered as potential suppliers, with the opportunities inherent in becoming a supplier, as well as with certain aspects and challenges of the process of becoming a supplier, especially in relation to corporate digitization as a key area. Nothing proves the interest better than that nearly 80 SMEs are represented at today’s event.

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After the professional lectures and podium discussion in the morning, in the second half of the event, we will support the establishment and deepening of business relations and supplier cooperation between local and neighboring businesses with rapid B2B (business to business) introductory discussions. Representatives of the invited, registered small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to book an appointment with the present purchasing managers and operational managers of twelve local large companies, and in a 10-minute time frame, they can briefly present their business, products, and services to potential customers. Among the large companies, BMW, Diehl Aviation, EcoPro, Eurings, Halms Hungary, Manz, Schaeffler, Semcorp, TEVA, DEUFOL, Sensirion, and Krones are represented.

One of the basic conditions for joining global value chains, becoming a supplier, or for competitive and efficient production in itself is corporate digitization. Thanks to the ADMA TranS4MErs program, which supports the digital transition of SMEs, experts in the field at the forum will help the representatives of interested SMEs to complete the ADMA Scan, with which they can determine the “digital maturity” of their business. In addition, interested businesses can familiarize themselves with the supplier program of EDC Debrecen, the conditions of cooperation and the possibilities inherent in it.

The forum’s purpose is to create a platform for the further development of business relations between businesses operating in Debrecen, to help establish and build relationships. It also aims to shed light on the market opportunities offered to local businesses in the city’s outstanding economic revival that has been experienced in recent years and will become even more noticeable soon.

(EDC Debrecen)

Main picture: László György.

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