This Barbie Was Directed By a Woman – An Interactive Presentation and Conversation at the American Corner Debrecen

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There is going to be a special edition of American Corner Debrecen‘s weekly English Conversation Club with PhD candidate Fruzsina Papp (North American Department, University of Debrecen) on October 17th, starting at 5 pm.


Did you see the Barbie movie? Did you grow up watching the Barbie-verse? Do you like watching films primarily focusing on women, or films that were directed by women? If you are interested in these topics, if you did put on your pinkest pink T-Shirt to go and watch Barbie this summer, or if you would like to engage in a good conversation or debate even about these topics in general or the first billion-dollar movie directed by a woman in particular, then join in for this special Barbie edition of ACD’s English Conversation Club on October 17th, from 5 pm.

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